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Welcome to JetBlack Coaching, where you can get tips on how to improve your cycling performance in our Cycling Blog, discuss the latest cycle training techniques in The Cycling Forum.  If you have any questions for our online coach, start a thread in the forum and receive top quality advice from a former Olympic coach! You can also and pick up awesome Indoor Trainer MP3 Sessions in our Shop. Get our free cycling zone test mp3 and calculate your own personal training zones using our online training zone calculator.

Our goal for JetBlack Coaching is to bring you the latest in coaching ideas and methods. We will constantly be updating with new Mp3 sessions, regular blogs and coaching tips.

Join in on our forum and send in your favorite indoor session. We will set up a library of sessions for others to enjoy. Send in pictures of yourself and friends in the "training lab" working out. It’s great to see who has permission to train in comfort rather than a little shed at the bottom of the garden.

Remember in training: Pain is temporary. Glory is forever!

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Sleeping Beauty…… (Kicks you in the butt near the end)

Indoor Trainer session for the week Sleeping Beauty…… (Kicks you in the butt near the …

Blow those Quads

WORK OUT OF THE WEEK Blow those Quads!! Warm up 10 minutes Find a gear …

Harry Hared Nuts!! Indoor session #7

Harry Hard Nuts WEEKLY WORKOUT You have to give this one a try. It’s not …


This session is designed around getting you ready for those super hard starts. You start …

Suffer then suffer some more, Indoor session # 4

SUFFER THEN SUFFER SOME MORE Warm up 10 mins, Include 4 x 30 sec build …