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Tapering for an event takes practice

Tapering for a cycling event

This is the magic question that makes or breaks a good coach. So many factors come into the decision but if I just look at a club rider aiming for an event over the 100kms, the following is what I would suggest doing…

Indoor Training

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Find out why indoor training all year round can be beneficial and how it can improve your road training.

Hill Climbing 2: Power to Weight ratio

Look how far forward he is.

The million dollar question many a novice cyclist seek the answer to. Recently I was in a build up for a four day tour which had two big hill days included.

Top 5 common mistakes in your build up

Plan your approach

By planning a good year plan for your season will help you achieve your goals and possibly help you avoid over training.

Hill Climbing 1: Technique or Power ?

Looks so easy

Hill climbing is an art and what works for one doesn’t work for others. It all comes down to power to weight ratio and technique. You are in control of the power to weight issue. Doing hill reps and strength work will help but if you don’t look at your weight you will end up pushing that un needed love up hill.