Coach: Murray Healey

Murray Healey

Murray Healey in the BDO 4 Day Cycle Challenge 2010. 1st place.

Don’t you just love being fit and in control? It’s something I strive for both on the bike and in life itself. Back in 1976, I rode my first club race in Levin, New Zealand. I remember my blue ZUES 5 speed bike being the best bike in the world. It also felt the biggest, as I could only just reach the pedals! From that day on, there haven’t been too many times that my bikes have collected dust. Racing nationally, on the road and track, I was coached by some of the best in the country. Brian Ball, Ron Cheatley, Brian Symonds, Ian Bell and my father Doug Healey. Names that may mean nothing to you but taught me the basis of what I know today.

Recently I found an old program, written for me, dating back to 1980. Yes, we have technology guiding us in some ways now but the nuts and bolts of this old program is similar to what you see today. My cycling days, to more recent triathlon and multisport days, have all been on a learning curve. Racing internationally and nationally has helped me gain the knowledge I like to share now.

I started coaching in 1995 and by 1997 I was coaching full time and working for Triathlon New Zealand as the National Junior Elite coach and development coach. 1999 saw me go into business, opening a cycle shop but continuing my coaching and coaching education.

2004 to 2008 saw me running my business and coaching an elite athlete to an Olympic spot in Beijing. The same year the same athlete got a bronze medal at the Elite world champs.


Just 40km to go


  • 5th Rank NZ track cycling junior pursuit
  • 5th in sprint final NZ Track champs
  • 12 Podium spots in regional championships, including 4 titles on track.
  • Northland champion 2010,2011,
  • More to come


  • NZ Ironman 1990
  • NZ team member 1994, 95, 96, 2012

    3rd Place. NZ 45 TO 49 Age Group 2012

  • 1st place Taupo Triathlon 1994
  • 1st New Plymouth Triathlon 1995
  • NZ age group champion 97, 98
  • 3rd NZ Duathlon club championships 1999
  • Finisher Coast to Coast 2003.
  • 3rd place NZ age group championships 2012
  • More to come


  • New Zealand Elite Junior triathlon coach 1997 – 1998
  • High performance coach for Tri NZ 2006 to 2008
  • Coaching an Athlete to 3rd place at World Elite Champs 2007
  • Coach of the Year 2007, (Northland)
  • Coach of Olympic athlete, Beijing 2008. (Travelled as a supporting coach to games)
  • Coach of 7 National titles, Cycling and Triathlon
  • Just recently Nov 2011, 7 riders I coach all improved by 5 to 7 mins in local fun ride.


Since 1993 I have run indoor wind-training sessions though the winter months. Recently one of the athletes attending asked me if there was anywhere they could download one of my sessions.

Welcome, JetBlack Mp3 sessions.

2012 sees another change. I have sold the shop and am now back coaching full time. I am also doing a 2 year level 3 coaching course . The reason for this is to put myself outside of my comfort zone and challenge my knowledge. A hard thing to do but hopefully the end result will be a greater knowledge in coaching.

I don’t think I’ve ever lost the drive to deliver results to myself or others. The great thing about coaching is you never stop learning. Motivating comes from within but knowledge comes from time.

My goal for JetBlack Coaching is to deliver a product that will help you achieve your potential.  We will keep this site fresh with sessions from the experiences of others.

Please make contact if you have a favourite session and we can add it to our library of indoor sessions.

Happy training.

Pain is temporary ….GLORY IS FOREVER!!

Murray Healey
Head Coach JetBlack Cycling


Ian Bunting: Ironman

Murray stands as an equal within the group of Elite coaches in terms of programme construction and skill development knowledge in the pursuit of maximal performance. However there is a rare echelon beyond this level, typified by coaches such as Mr. Arthur Lydiard and Dr. John Hellemans. At this level the essence of crafting Human Performance is taken beyond the ordinary and into a realm that defies definition. Some would call it a gift. My belief is that Murray is justified in standing as a member of this high quality fraternity.

Ian Bunting Ironman

Ian Bunting,
IronMan Triathlete

Barry Ruddle: Cyclist:

Spin Classes: The indoor spin sessions Murray runs are great fun. We begin with working on technique, eg: pedalling technique, body position, cadence, then move onto interval training and sprint work as race season gets closer. The progression he uses is great and seems to work well as a lead in to the season. I use Murray’s spin programmes 2-3 times a week in the winter and once a week during race season. Guys in my local area have asked me to run a spin class and I have decided to use Murray’s programme to run these.

Barry Ruddle

Hammer time Barry Ruddle


Coaching: Before starting with Murray, I was just a bunch rider, just hanging on or getting spat out the back of the pack. Murray sat down and listened to my aims, goals and what I wanted to achieve. He set me up on my bike, watched my technique when we went riding and spotted my weaknesses. Specific skills were then introduced to improve my fitness and target these weaknesses. I found his training programmes easy to understand and use. It was great that Murray made himself available to help with any problems along the way.

Barry Ruddle

1st Place. NZ Long Distance Champs

Nicole Cope, Triathlete

Murray coached me to a number of national titles and international competitions in triathlon, duathlon and athletics.  His coaching style was ideal in that he took a structured approach that allowed plenty of room for flexibility.  I was coached as an individual, not just another squad member, and was lucky enough to have Murray join me in plenty of training sessions.  I got the best results of my sporting career while Murray was my coach.   

Nicole Cope 

Pip Meo, Triathlete

When I started with Murray Healey, I knew nothing about triathlon. I had come from a international soccer background and wanted to make the transition into triathlon. I called Murray because I knew he had been to the Beijing Olympics with itu champion Sam Warriner.

Having met with several coaches, they all offered me the same generic program. Every athelete is different and i needed a program that would taylor for my individual needs.  Meeting Murray I knew instantly he had something to offer me that would go beyond your basic training program. He recognized my ambition and two years later he has taken me from a soccer player to regular top 5 age grouper in New Zealand.

Murray’s strongest aspect as a coach is his relentlessness. There  is no mountain to high and his belief in my ability is what motivates me to get up at 4.45am every morning. Triathlon is a very demanding sport and the hours committed to trainiing and the complete change in lifestyle;you definitely question your motives. The fatigue sets in and you start doubting yourself. This is where Murray proves his audacity as a great coach. After a phone call from him I’m reassured that what I’m doing and what I’m going through is exactly where I should be. I leave the conversation feeling motivated and stronger.

Pip Meo

Learning the art of Triathlon