Cycling efficiency is the winning formula

Cycling efficiency -  winning formulaIt’s not always the fittest and fastest rider that wins. You can be superbly… for your event but some silly actions throughout the ride leave you just short of your goal. I see this so many times in fun rides or club events. Riders using up so much energy during the early stages of an event only to be left short when the race actually gets under way for real.

Here are a few things to think about when competing in the event you have trained so hard for.

Quote on Energy to spend: You only have one dollar to spend once spent that dollar there is no going back.

  1. Preparation, in your final build up include some 2 to 5 sec sprints. The reason being that at the start of a race over any distance the first 10 to 20 km’s is full of quick increases and decreasing of speed. These short increases if your legs aren’t use to it will affect you later in the event
  2. Position yourself in a bunch that suits the speed you can handle. Saying that don’t drop into slow bunch too early as you will never catch up to a faster rolling bunch by yourself.
  3. Identify who the stronger riders are in your bunch. Position yourself around them. Then work out which one to follow and lap over. No point lapping over the strongest rider, you will use up more energy trying to get over the top of them. Ideally the strong rider should be positioned two riders in front of you. This way you can keep an eye on them and be closer to the increase of speed.
  4. Position yourself in the top quarter of the bunch. Sitting near the back of the bunch uses more energy due to the reaction times of riders you are following in increases and slowing of pace.
  5. In a bunch, use the riders rear wheel two in front of you to gauge distance and dangers. If you focus on the wheel directly in front of you, you will be too harsh on your reactions. This will affect riders behind you.
  6. Lapping out; Pace lines,

You see this on TV, How bunches work in cross winds. A change in direction often causes a change in bunch formation. The easy way to remember the correct way to lap is “when moving forward you are protected from the wind.

If in a smaller bunch get to the back as quickly as possible but remember don’t rest up until you are comfortably on the back of your last riders wheel.

Cycling is all about efficiency and tactics ride smart and use your power when it’s really needed. Let your competition waste energy and look good early on in the race, just smile and keep telling them how strong they look. Use and abuse!!!!!.

Success are for those who plan,plan,plan then succeed.

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