10 Essentials for Indoor Training this winter


JETBLACK CYCLING, “Coaches” code.


  • Never…EVER, wear bib shorts only


    1. No exceptions to this rule….. Unless your name starts with Angelina and ends with Jolie
  • No faking it!! Hit that resistance lever, if confused follow Velominati rule # 5 (HARDEN THE **** UP!)


    1. Nothing worse than working your butt off and the person sitting next to you is matching your pedal stroke but just won’t shut up. As soon as the interval is over they sit up and act like it hurt. “Mate we all know you have NO resistance on your trainer”
  • No sweat bands……….unless you have come straight from the tennis court


    1. It’s not the eighties……cycling caps are fine but get rid of those dirty old sweat bands
  • Empty your bladder and fill your bottles before.


    1. Would you stop in a race to fill up your bottles? What happens when you stop for a pee in a race…..you get left behind!! Sort your shit out, refer to rule #2
  • Clothing rules still apply…….that includes socks


    1. Just because you are riding indoors there is no excuse not to look the part. Looking good is essential to being a good cyclist….if you can’t be bothered you should take up Multi sport
    2. No rainbow or country Kit
    3. At some point we all become the World Champion on our trainers, but that’s no excuse…even indoors
  • Spitting….hell no! Clearing the nose……not even in your towel


    1. Think about it…..You’re indoors….. Snotting into your towel then using that to wipe your bike down!!!!…. Bedroom rules apply
  • Towel choiceJetBlack sweetness…..flowery towels always leads to point # 2……The Fakers.
  • Clean up in this Order, Your Bike….Trainer….the floor then yourself.


    1. Dam sure your bike is better looking than you then for some the trainer comes next. If you go to the floor, then there’s no hope……keep riding.
  • As on the road…..Always look good….or turn out the lights.

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