12 Week JetBlack Training program…Week 2

About the 12 weeks,

In this 12 week program, I will set the 2 main sessions for the Week. These sessions will compliment each other and build you up to your event in 12 weeks. This will be a general program that covers events for  Road and Mountain Biking up to 5 hour in duration.  I will set your two main sessions and you cover your recovery and Aerobic rides. 1 session will be a specific  indoor session and the other performed outdoors  or indoors. Remember recover from these session is important. I will let you know each week the gap between each of these JetBlack sessions. Also, these sessions start at a point you should have good bike fitness or a strong base behind you. I suggest you perform a ZONE TEST before you start this program. This way you will get the best results. We will test half way through the program and near the end.  Any questions just email me.

Week 2, Easy , Moderate week

Session 1: (Tuesday or Wednesday) Aerobic Endurance: This is a great session for getting you endurance going prior to hitting the harder intense intervals.

Warm up: 20 minutes getting your heart rate close to your FTP or Threshold.

Main Set

3 to 4 x 15 minutes  sitting at 80% of your FTP or on the scale of 1 to 10 (1 super easy to 10 super max effort) Do this session around 7.

5 min rest between each

Load your Trainer up or gearing to hit no higher than 65 RPM. Hold this for 15 minutes taking a 5 min rest.

Big pressure on the legs, heart rate stays down, cadence low. If you go to hard you will get close to your FTP. Don’t do this.

On last interval after 15 mins drop into small gear and spin at 110 RPM for 2 minutes before warming down, (your legs won’t like this)

Warm down 10 minutes

Tip: Alternate handle bar position…..keep upper body as still as possible


Session 2: (Friday or Saturday) clockAnaerobic Hill intervals: Here we teach you to go from an Anaerobic effort into a Threshold climb.

Warm Up 20 minutes or more. Find a hill roughly about 3 minutes long at a gradient you can hold a good tempo on….not too steep

6 to 8 x 3 min climbs.

Rest 4 mins between each climb

Start about 200 m from the base of the hill. Start from a Standing start and sprint for 3 seconds or until you start going through the gears on the hill. Then climb at your FTP or Threshold intensity for a further 2 1/2 minutes. Keeping cadence above 80 rpm.

Tip: Try to make transition rom sprint to climb smooth as possible, changing down as you need. Upper body relaxed

Trainer version. From standing start sprint for 30 seconds then simulate hill with Load or gearing


Warm down 20 minutes


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