4 Important areas to Boost your cycling performance

Indoor cycling is a fantastic way to complement your outdoor training. As an indoor cyclist you are able to take advantage of being in a controlled environment to increase your level of cycling endurance. An indoor cyclist can easily alternate between fast short rides and steady long rides without having to think about outdoor weather conditions

or planning a cycle route.  Spinning classes, interval training and hill work also help boost cycling endurance. In order to fully benefit from your indoor cycling training you need to pay attention to your diet and hydration, as well as working on your muscle development and will power. These all play an important role in supporting your training.


Indoor cycling burns a lot of calories, which can leave you feeling weak if you don’t eat well. A good serving of carbohydrates, nutrients and protein should always be included in your meals. Your diet should include fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, beans, meat and fish and dairy. Vegans and vegetarians should replace meat and fish with other sources of protein. Vegans need to make sure that they are getting adequate amount of calcium from no

n-dairy alternatives.   We all should eat healthily so that we have optimal energy levels, but cyclists need to ensure that they are getting enough carbohydrates and protein to build stamina. Eating well will help you boost cycling endurance, as you need the right food to fuel your exercise. Eat at least one hour before your training session. A small amount of protein with some slow burning carbohydrates is a good option. About fifteen minutes after you train you should eat something high in protein to replace the energy you just burned. You need to re-fuel after a workout. Remember, food is fuel.


Water is extremely important for anyone, but more so for athletes. If you are dehydrated, your cyc

ling endurance performance will reduce drastically. When you are training you should drink more than you would
our endurance when you are dehydrated. When you are pushing your body physically thirst signals can be delayed. Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated. Have a bottle of water with you at all times, especially when you are training. Sip from your water bottle regularly during workouts. After your training session drink a full glass (or bottle) of water to replenish your system.usually as you will sweat more out. Without proper hydration your performance will lack greatly. You will not be able to boost y

Muscle Development

Feed your muscles protein to boost your endurance. Protein can be found in meat, fish, eggs, and beans. Drinking water regularly will also keep your muscles working properly. A way to increase your muscle development is to start your cycling with tempo rides before moving to the cruise interval and threshold rides. This helps to gradually train and develop the muscles. Increase the intensity of your rides to keep boosting your endurance. MP3 Session 6 provides an awesome aerobic conditioning workout, which will build up your cycling endurance in no time.

Your will power is what drives you to keep going and enjoying training. This may be in the form of training with competitive cyclists who are likely to challenge you, or training with friends who share the same goals as you. The key to making indoor cycling training a success is setting a plan for yourself that you’ll adhere to, choosing the right music to listen to while training, and most importantly, setting your goals. All these will help make your cycling aspirations a reality.
Will Power

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