Harry Hared Nuts!! Indoor session #7


You have to give this one a try. It’s not all on the bike but at last night’s class even the die-hard cyclist enjoyed the burn

Warm up 15 minutes, last 5 minutes Hold 90 RPM and sit at 70%. For 5 minutes do 5 seconds at 110 then drop back to 90 for 10 seconds. That’s 20 x 5 sec pickups while maintaining 90rpm during rest time.

Into 2 minutes sitting just below your threshold at 85 rpm

Main set

8 x 5minutes intervals

From standing start (seated) lift intensity to 90% / 95% for 30 secs then drop back to 80% / 85% for 4:30

So go V02 intensity (sprint) back to A/T intensity (time trial pace)

Let the recovery come to you…don’t slow down too much to recover from sprint.

1 min rest

But after every 2nd interval jump off your bike and do 2 minutes of body weight lunges. (15 to 30 each side)

Jump back on the bike

1 min easy riding into next 5minute interval.

By interval 5 your legs will be screaming.BEVAN

This session feels like someone has really put the screws on up and over the hill and you are doing everything to hang on.


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