This good looking guy is Me….you may have meet me via a JetBlack download or within the JetBlack Training APP.

Climbing in the 2013 K2 Challenge

Climbing in the 2013 K2 Challenge

Well I am now going to inspire you more via this face book page plus point you in directions for New Products, Coaching Ideas and cool cycling stuff.

I thought one way to let you in on my world before you invite me into yours, would be to give you a snap shot of who I am and currently what’s around me.

In A nutshell….When I’m not working for JetBlack doing product development and this, I’m out coaching athletes or coaching in Schools. Other times spent on my bike or just hanging with my wife and kids. Been coaching for many years at local to International Elite level. First time fun run to Club championships to World Champs and Olympic games. They are all just as important to the athlete as each other.

My current bike fleet includes, BH ULTRA LIGHT, BH CROSS CX, 1982 COLNAGO SLX SPIRAL with lots of Chrome and Retro Campy bits, plus awaiting on my new Merida 29er to arrive. (don’t tell the wife)

In my office I have a picture of Eddy Merckx, Retro TDF poster and two Banners that happen to fall into my possession at the 2005 TFD and 2008 Beijing Olympics when I was coaching at an Elite level.  A new pair of new 3T Eurgoterra Team carbon handle bars, ready to go on my Cross bike (they look so good off the bike) and my Red and Chrome 1982 Colnago.

My wife lets me have it in the house. I call it ART, she calls it a pain in the Ar…

Sitting on my desk, a Go Pro I use for coaching, Samsung S5 for Android APP testing, an IPhone for the IOS APP, plus so many device charging cables I can’t remember what they are for!!

In my shed I have my bikes, our families bikes and 43 other Kids bikes and Helmets for our School coaching program, 2000  bike barn drink bottles and 2500 Kellogg’s Nutri- grain snack bars (all for our school program) A watt bike, 2 x JetBlack Whisper drives, 1 x jet Black Hydro fluid, 2 set of rollers, 1 x JetBlack mag trainer and an Elite real tour trainer.

No room for the lawn mower…and who’s got the time for that!!

My Favourite Ride: Anywhere as long as it finishes with a good coffee and a yarn,

My Favourite piece of Art, other than my Colnago. This beauty I picked up in a bike shop in Queensland.

Great piece of art

Great piece of art

Ok that’s me in a snap shot, don’t hesitate to ask me anything around coaching or our products.

Happy riding and remember…… ALWAYS LOOK GOOD OUT THERE!



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