With winters grip getting tighter, even in the sunny NSW  it’s starting to get harder to get  motivated and to have daylight or safe conditions to train.

One workout that is the base of all good training plans is a long slow AEROBIC session.  Confronting this type of workout on a wet and wild day, usually results in a sleep-in and a visit  to your local cafe, leaving you feeling flat and full of regret.

The main goal of these workouts is:  AEROBIC intensity verse TIME, helping flush the legs from the hard week and along the way developing a good Aerobic base. This is the sweet training zone, based between 55 and 65% of your maxium heart rate. These sessions should be done at a pace where you can easily hold a good conversation. The sessions work entirely from the glycogen stored and available. So if you keep up then fuel you should be able to push the time out there. A good thing to remember….you have to train slow at times to ride fast!!

These session are sometimes quite hard to do in the winter and definitely not motivating when the weather is bad. So, if you can stay aerobic for a prolonged time,  and stay dry and warm, and do not  have to battle the elements, you would be happier and fitter. 

Presenting …….’Cheating the winter blues’ and ‘Fooling the brain’  indoor sessions. These will leave you feeling great about the hours done and surprisingly motivated to do it again. “Mix them up and spin em out”

Here are a couple of suggestions of different ways to cheat the winter blues.

Session 1/

Ride 20 minutes on your JETBLACK  indoor trainer

Run 10 minutes on the treadmill or jog around the block.

Repeat 4 to 6 times. 2 hours to 3hours (Mix each 20 mins up with different cadences)

3 hours will fly by!!

Session 2/

Ride 20 minutes on your JETBLACK  indoor trainer

Jump off and do 10 minute core exercise circuit:

Include body weight exercises eg Chins, Lunges, press ups and dips. Alternate a lower body exercise with an upper body exercise with minimal rest. This will maintain your Aerobic intensity.

Repeat 4 to 6 times.


  • Easy way to do 3 hours indoor.
  • Great way to gain Muscle balance work.
  • Something different than bounding out the miles on the road
  • Stimulating
  • Controlled, (you can achieve good times in your correct zones)
  • Experiment (try different food and hydration under controlled environment)

Do with a group or on your own but mixing it up is the key. As long as you keep your heart-rate Aerobic you are achieving the desired effect.

Don’t do this for every aerobic session, but why battle the weather when you will have plenty of time to get out on the road when the weather improves.

Enjoy trying something different.

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