Master Interval Training



Want a great way to build your strength and endurance? Try interval training.

Your indoor cycle trainer is the perfect piece of equipment to do interval training on.

Interval training goes beyond aerobic training, pushing the boundaries and raising your heart rate to over 85% (referred to as anaerobic training). By doing this you can increase your speed, lengthen your endurance and build your strength.

First, you need to know your limits. Make sure that you have your doctor’s approval to do this type of training. Then understand that you must start off this type of training gradually. By over training you can do serious damage to yourself, enflame chronic illness and pain, as well as reduce your speed and endurance.

Take the time to make sure you have the right interval-training plan and commit to it.  Some people don’t follow a strict plan but if you want constant improvement then stick to your plan. This will save you pain and make you gain!

A Word of Warning

Interval training is not for everyone; make sure that your body is ready for this intense exercise regimen. It

is a great way to increase strength, speed and endurance, but must only be used by those that are already physically fit.

Interval Training Warm Up

Always make sure that you warm up before starting interval training, you want to maximise your muscle movement and have your blood pumping. By warming up, your body is getting ready to give you the maximum amount of mobility it can, and will help with your endurance.

Take it Easy at the Beginning

Start off interval training with short time periods. Do quick bursts of six second to ten seconds and slow do

wn between intervals so that your heart rate returns to below 85%. It is better to take it easy by only training this way one or two times per week for the first six weeks. This way you can measure the differences in your speed, strength and endurance without harming yourself in any way.

If you experience intense burning in muscles or continuous laboured breath, stop the interval training and take a rest. Muscle damage will occur if you push yourself too hard. If any pain occurs you need to stop immediately and be assessed to make sure that you haven’t hurt yourself.

Train Harder when Ready

Once you hit that six week point, hitch it up a notch and train for a third day or increase the intense periods to up to two minutes. Always make sure you allow yourself 48 hours in between each interval training session. This will reduce the risk of over training injuries.

Remember that interval training is meant for quick bursts of motion, not extended bursts of motion. When you’re ready to increase the duration of the intervals, remember to take into account that you need to lessen the number of times you do the intervals during your workout.

Increase the Pressure

Keep at it and you will increase your speed, lengthen your endurance and build your strength in no time. Interval training on your indoor bike really takes your fitness to the next level.For those of you who want to really push it cycle interval training is intense and gives you results fast. Once you have been interval training for several weeks and are ready to go up a level give my Handling the Pressure workout a go. This will really get the wheels on your indoor cycle trainer spinning! This workout includes six five-minute intervals and you control how hard you want to push it.

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