Suffer then suffer some more, Indoor session # 4

invisibike_2_thumb_medium670_0SUFFER THEN SUFFER SOME MORE

Warm up 10 mins, Include 4 x 30 sec build ups starting at 90 rpm finishing at 120 rpm.( Easy Gear ). 30 secs build 30 secs rest

Into Holding 90 rpm drop 4 gears harder and maintain 90rpm for 15 secs. 45 secs rest.

Ride easy 2 mins

Main set

4 x 11 min Intervals with a 2 or 3 min rest (see how you go)

Intervals go like this

Start at Thrershold intensity doing 90 rpm x 3minutes into

Go 1 gear harder maintaining 90rpm x 1 min (5% increase in intensity)

Go 1 gear harder again x 1 min (another 5% increase. You should now be at 110% of your Anaerobic Threshold) into

Drop 2 gears back to Threshold x 3 mins (starting point) into

Go 1 gear harder x 1 min into

Go another gear harder x 1 min into

Drop back 2 gears and hold for 1 min

Rest 2 or 3 mins depending on fitness level

Idea is to try and recover as quickly as possible when returning back to your starting intensity. Take note of how long it takes you to get back in control. Should be between 40 and 50 seconds depending on your fitness. As you get fitter the recovery time will decrease.


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