Session 4: Power Crazy (Sprint Baby Sprint)

1 hour 17 mins
Intensity: 8.5 to 9.5 (1=easy, 10=very hard)

Others would rather ride a bit further other days than do this. But not you, you are different, you want to say you have lived!

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AUD$7.99 tax incl.

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This session is awesome fun to do with fantastic results.  Get this type of session in your legs and you’ll rule the world. No more cramping due to surging races and no more coming last in the sprint to the line

This session is designed for that criterium style race or multi lapped event. Also ideal to prepare yourself for any big race you are entering. Evan if it’s a 160km ride your legs will still need to cope with what this session puts you though.

Your legs may cope but will your mind go there???



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