Session 3: Control the Controllable

1 hour 13 mins
Intensity: 7.5 to 8 (1=easy, 10=very hard)

Oh the pressure, can you take it? Or will it spit you out!!!!

Be the person sitting on front of the bunch applying the “hurt”, not the one being left behind. Do this session a couple of times and it will change you forever

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AUD$7.99 tax incl.

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We do some nice friendly technique work to start. Single leg work is a great way to develop good smooth pedalling technique. A quick series of leg bursting sprints to get the juices flowing then Kapow, into the pressure lab we go.

We do 6 x 5 min intervals that in simple words become very “interesting” it’s up to you how “interesting” but this is what you need to make you that rider you have always wanted to be.


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