Session 1: Big Day at the Office

1 hour 04 mins
Intensity: 7.5 to 8 (1=easy, 10=very hard)

Put yourself in the position where you are in a small pack riding close to your limit. One strong rider keeps lifting the pace and yelling at you to come through for a turn. You do… again and again and again… no longer is he the strongest one!

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This is your chance to make a difference

After an energising warm-up we have a series of 5 min intervals majority sitting at or just below your threshold. We then make it interesting by adding a series of short spiking intervals to push you beyond the dark side.   Making it hard to maintain that smooth comfortable rhythm we all love

Idea behind this session is to prepare you for bunch riding and its surges. This is a great session to do prior to an event especially if you don’t get to do some lead up races.



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